Bencoolen Campus

Overview and Approach

NAFA Arts Preschool (Bencoolen Campus) uses both the Project Approach and systematic instruction to teaching and learning. Our environment is largely inspired by the Reggio principles that inspire learning through exploration, expression and the arts.

Project Approach 

The Project Approach is globally acknowledged to be the best educational practice in the 21st century. It nurtures motivated, active, collaborative and creative individuals, which we are personally dedicated in achieving. The approach entails project works whereby educators and children collaborate to carry out in-depth investigations on topics of interest. Through discussions, hypothesis, research and hands on experiences, children acquire knowledge, skills and appreciation for their world. Project processes will be documented down to track children’s progress and record memories.

Systematic Instruction 

Complementing the project is our literacy and numeracy programmes, Rigby Star Phonics, Writing and Grammar and Stepping Stones. These programmes provide systematic instruction to build a strong foundation for literacy and numeracy development. Through them, children will be well equipped for formal education.

Learning Environment 

The environment as children’s third teacher is a Reggio principle we strongly believe in. It reflects the values we want to communicate to children — learning through manipulation of resources, relationships, and aesthetics. This nurtures construction of possibilities, celebration of differences and creativity. Within this learning environment, children recognise that they are powerful players in their own lives and others.

Arts Overview

The arts play a significant role in our curriculum. They are interwoven into the curriculum, such that children are able to use these poetic languages for symbolic expression of concepts learnt in the various domains. Professional instruction of artistic elements and techniques in Visual Art (2D and 3D), Dance, Music, and Speech and Drama are provided weekly to develop children’s artistic abilities. The exposure to a wide variety of art forms give children many channels for communication and expression. NAFA School of Music and School of Art & Design also collaborate with NAFA Arts Preschool to conduct special music and art workshops with our children.


We aim to spark your child’s interest in music and nurture his/her musical abilities through our specially designed music programme by School of Young Talents (SYT). Our music programme is curated in such a way that every child can experience and immerse himself/herself in all the elements of music. Through classical songs from musicals as well as keyboard pieces, the children will learn to sing in pitch and rhythm and understand the fundamentals that make music. They will also be able to experience other instruments other than the keyboard and enjoy making music with their friends as well as individually. Children with potential will be recommended for SYT-NAFA Arts Preschool music integrated programme.

Visual Art

Our visual art programme integrates the essentials of art, art elements and principles of design, together with children’s life experiences and interests. We provide an environment where children are exposed to different visual art forms and are free to explore the various art materials, tools and techniques. In so doing, the programme builds up their awareness and knowledge about visual art forms, observation skills, art techniques, and confidence to work on self-proposed projects in their areas of interest. Children will be able to express their ideas and emotions in their preferred art form and medium, such as painting or sculpturing.


We believe that potential should be nurtured at a young age. The dance programme is taught progressively to help children express their minds through their bodies in a confident manner. Children will be introduced to ballet with an emphasis on musical variety, movement in space, and imagination. The programme focuses on children’s needs, interests and abilities as they work towards being expressive movers, disciplined and creative individuals. This gives every child a solid headstart in ballet or/and other dance genres. The dance programme is also based on the Royal Dance Academy’ syllabus. Children are eligible to join School of Young Talents (SYT) Dance Programme Preparatory Year 1 upon graduation.

Speech and Drama

Our speech and drama programme is a bilingual programme, emphasising on creative thinking, language and social emotional development. Through vocal projection, articulation and theatre plays, children will be able to develop a sense of self-awareness and expand on their experiences while trying out different activities. These activities include miming, role-play, poetry, storytelling, research and improvisation. Children will not only be able to participate in the performances, but the creation processes that make a performance. The speech and drama programme demands the children to be empathetic, spontaneous, decisive, imaginative and most importantly, to be able to express and communicate effectively, creatively and inquisitively with the voice, body and brain as a whole entity.

Full-day and half-day programme

Our Bencoolen Campus offers both full-day and half-day programmes.

Full-day programme

Our Bencoolen Campus offers a full-day programme that provides childcare services. We operate from 7am to 7pm on weekdays, and 7am to 2pm on Saturdays.

Half-day programme

Our half-day programme operates from 7am to 1pm or 1pm to 7pm on weekdays, and 7am to 2pm on Saturdays.

A Day at NAFA Arts Preschool (Bencoolen Campus)
Project Approach
Language and Literacy
  • Rigby Star Phonics
  • Writing and Grammar
  • Stepping Stones
The Arts
  • Music (Keyboard & Introduction to various instruments)
  • Visual Art (2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art works)
  • Dance (Creative movement and ballet)
  • Speech & Drama
Chinese Programme
Learning Corner Time
Routine Care
Health Check
Breakfast / Tea
Nap Time
Tea Break