About Us

Why NAFA Arts Preschool

NAFA Arts Preschool (formerly NAFA Arts Kindergarten) is Singapore’s pioneer arts-themed preschool.

Our unique curriculum inspires learning and growth through the arts. Our fine arts programme is interwoven into academic learning, which propels them to mastery.    

We build our core curriculum around six domains, based on Ministry of Education’s kindergarten curriculum framework, Nurturing Early Learners i.e. Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Social and Emotional Development, Motor Skills Development, Discovery of the World and the Arts.  

Our fine arts programme is designed and conducted by our very own industry veterans. It covers the following art forms:

Music (Keyboard and introduction to a variety of instruments)

Visual Arts (2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional art)

Dance (Creative movement and ballet) 

Speech and Drama (Bilingual)

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More than an ordinary preschool


To be a leading preschool where children enjoy learning and their potential is developed through the arts.


To inspire learning and self-discovery by providing a quality preschool education and arts programme that promote creative thought, growth and expression.


We believe every child is an imaginative thinker, curious explorer and inventive creator.

Core Values




What we believe in

Academics enhanced by arts

As an arts preschool, we strongly believe that the arts enhances academics with open-ended projects and purposeful play. These contribute to the overall development of children.

Every child has artistic abilities

At NAFA, it is our joy to be able to nurture every child’s artistic abilities by creating an arts immersive environment whereby optimal potential is discovered.

Fun and holistic learning

Children learn best through meaningful and interactive experiences. Learning is multifaceted and we seek to provide positive developmental experiences for children.

Positive early experiences

Life is a journey and our early experiences influence who we are as individuals and adults. Providing our children with positive experiences that nurture the right attitudes and values prepares them for their life journey. With a strong foundation built in their early years, they will be ready to soar with every exposure and opportunity given.

Why an Arts Preschool

Exposure to four art forms

Our preschool provides professional instruction of four art forms, Music, Visual Art, Speech and Drama, and Dance. They are taught by our very own NAFA industry veterans who are passionate in sharing their art experiences and insights. Our educators not only teach the unique elements and techniques of the art forms, they inspire children to enjoy, appreciate and be thinkers in the realm of arts.

More family bonding time

Our preschool offers the opportunity to introduce four art forms under one roof. Children will enjoy at least an hour of specialised art lesson daily. This allows parents to spend more quality family time together in the evenings and weekends. As the arts are created to be shared and enjoyed by many, parents will be invited to their children’s recitals, performances, project exhibitions and more.

Arts enhances all other areas of development

The arts expand expressive opportunities for children, especially when they had just begun to speak and write. Children exposed to numerous art experiences not only develop their aesthetic abilities, but display higher academic achievements and social emotional skills. This is because the arts train individuals to be disciplined, meticulous and observant. The arts also cultivates self-awareness, eloquence in self-expression, and critical and divergent thinking. These help children better understand and use communication, mathematical, science, and literacy concepts and skills. The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (2006) reported that it inevitably implies success in education, career and life. Singapore had also recognised this and increased its efforts in the awareness and support of arts and art education in the recent years.

Confidence and expression that will help in future education and in life

The arts is not only about the end product but the process. Children engage in many dynamic processes in the creation of an artwork. For instance, children brainstorm, conduct trial and error, and make decisions to design a script for speech and drama or music ensemble performance. These processes build up children’s autonomy and confidence in their abilities, fostering a positive self-image. As educators showcase their artworks in the school environment, children will feel a deep sense of satisfaction and achievement too. Knowing that they are capable individuals and their efforts are acknowledged, children are courageous to express themselves. This confident and positive outlook helps children thrive in the many years to come.

Why Parents Choose NAFA Arts Preschool

Listen to what our parents have to say about their experiences with NAFA Arts Preschool.

"I can see that my kids have grown to be more confident, very creative, and I believe all these are due to the programmes at NAFA. With all these lessons being conducted during the school hours, I don't have to send them for additional enrichment, and that really saves me a lot of time, effort and money."
Mrs Lynn Chia, Parent of Sherbelle and Thaddeus Chia.

“I understand from my husband, who is more musically inclined, that those schools outside that offer courses in music do not really go into details of the theory part but over here they start from basics, so he’s very well-versed in term of theory as well as practical, and we are very pleased with that.”
Mrs Jeanne Wong, Parent of Elliot and Sofie Wong

"It is actually through this special programme within curriculum time that we came to know about my middle child's interest and inclination for music and also my elder daughter's inclination for art.
It's given us this additional insight, which I wouldn't have in another school if I hadn't put them in some additional enrichment, so that's certainly value-add that this kindergarten has."

Mrs Adelene Sin, Parent of Lauren, Megan and Nathaniel Sin

“With the curriculum, my two primary school kids, the progress with regards to Chinese, English, Math, they are all pretty competent at it, so I don’t find any big problems getting them used to the primary school curriculum. They all settled in very well.” 
Mrs Alexia Ng, Parent of Noah, Jonah, Jude and Naomi Ng 

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