晨光|善方保健:幼儿园运用色彩原理 打造学习空间 Kindergartens use colour principles to enhance learning spaces

Apr 12, 2024, 12:58 PM

8world interviewed Angela Khoo, Principal of NAFA Arts Preschool (Bencoolen), while featuring both Preschool campuses. This coverage also featured Tung Ching Yew, one of the designers for the preschool campus.

Studies have demonstrated that proper colour application can facilitate brain development, enhance memory, and bolster emotional control in young children. An example illustrating these principles is the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) Arts Preschool. Since its renovation in 2018, the Bencoolen campus now utilises natural wood colours extensively in its interior design, fostering a nature-aligned and versatile learning space. This environment significantly aids students in quickly adapting to different lessons, and staff members better maintain their calm and efficiency at work.

Angela Khoo, Principal of NAFA Arts Preschool (Bencoolen), remarked that even during major activities, the children can easily settle down and continue with item next engagement. This underscores the effectiveness of the school's design and colour use in maintaining a conducive learning atmosphere. Furthermore, the NAFA Arts Preschool's approach is a testament to the broader educational philosophy of integrating aesthetic elements into learning environments to support holistic child development. The preschool's success in using colour psychology underscores its commitment to innovative and child-centric education methodologies.

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