The Acronym of READING : reading with your child

Much has been said about reading with children and so when I was approached to write an article on this topic, I wondered what more I can share with readers.

After reflecting on my own experience as a librarian in a public library, as a volunteer storyteller with NLB’s KidsRead programme, as a devoted aunt reading with my nieces and nephew; I am postulating an acronym on reading that will help you remember the essentials of reading with your child.

Here is the acronym, in a table form, with some descriptors to give shape to each attribute. The attributes are written in the continuous tense to reflect that reading with your child is meant to be a journey and not a race; not to just strive to reach the end quickly, but to use the book as a tool to launch a conversation with your child about life; and perhaps to teach a little on language and vocabulary.



R elating

Bonding time with your child

E xpressing

Giving time for your child to express his/her emotions

A ffecting

Using the story to influence your child positively

D eveloping

Improving your child’s language skills, fluency and vocabulary

I nquiring

Facilitating your child to ask questions and be curious

N onsensing

Allowing for fun and humour in your interaction

G rowing

Developing your child as a whole person

So, there you have it. The benefits of reading with your child have been summarized in the above acronym. Keep reading with your child and have fun, and have more fun!

Author: Ms Carol Sim Soek Cheng, Supervisor, NAFA Arts Kindergarten