East Coast Campus

Overview and Approach

NAFA Arts Preschool (East Coast Campus) is the first arts preschool in Singapore that support both academic and arts education for young children. We adopt the Thematic Approach and systematic instruction for teaching and learning. The following describes the three main learning approaches they maintain.

Integrated Learning

Our East Coast Campus emphasises on interconnected learning through the Thematic Approach. Themes and units of study are used to connect many areas of the curriculum together. For example, a study of the world map provides opportunities for development of literacy (reading names of countries phonetically), numeracy (measuring how far a country is from another), scientific (land and sea) and social skills (working together, discussions).

Learning through Inquiry

Children are naturally curious and the curriculum capitalises on their natural desire to learn. Children will have many opportunities to manipulate materials, observe, listen, investigate, experiment, ask questions and draw conclusions to learn. Educators will help children make connections between their existing knowledge and what they are discovering and learning.

Learning through Purposeful Play

Play is the primary and natural way for young children to explore the world around them. Educators plan play experiences and activities that are enjoyable to children, helping them acquire concepts and skills. Educators also actively facilitate them at play to reinforce and extend learning.

Arts Overview

The arts are NAFA Arts Preschools’ niche programmes. Professional instruction of artistic elements and techniques in Visual Art (2D and 3D), Dance, Music, and Speech and Drama are provided weekly to develop children’s artistic abilities.


We aim to spark your child’s interest in music and nurture his/her musical abilities through our specially designed music programme by School of Young Talents (SYT). Our music programme is curated in such a way that every child can experience and immerse himself/herself in all the elements of music. Through classical songs from musicals as well as keyboard pieces, the children will learn to sing in pitch and rhythm and understand the fundamentals that make music. Every child will also begin his journey with handbells before being introduced to playing the keyboard. Children with potential will be recommended for SYT-NAFA Arts Preschool music integrated programme.

Visual Art

Our visual art programme introduces art elements and principles of design through hands-on and explorative activities. The activities are planned according to the thematic units of study. Children will be exposed to various 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art forms, materials, tools and techniques. In so doing, our programme builds up their awareness and knowledge about art forms, observation skills, art techniques, and confidence to work on theme-based projects.


We believe that potential should be nurtured at a young age. Our dance programme is taught progressively to help children express their minds through their bodies in a confident manner. Children will be introduced to ballet with an emphasis on musical variety, movement in space, and imagination. Our programme focuses on children’s needs, interests and abilities as they work towards being expressive, discipline and creative movers. This gives every child a solid headstart in ballet or/and other dance genres. The dance programme is also based on the Royal Dance Academy’s syllabus. Children are eligible to join School of Young Talents (SYT) Dance Program Preparatory Year 1 upon graduation.

Speech and Drama

(available as an opt-in enrichment programme for K1 and K2 children at East Coast Campus on weekends)

Our speech and drama programme is a bilingual programme, focusing on vocal projection and articulation, and theatre. Through voice and speech exercises, miming, poetry, and storytelling activities, children are exposed to the elements of speech and drama. Children will also engage in the creative planning processes before their performances. These activities are planned according to the thematic units of study. This cultivates confident speakers and performers in both the English and Chinese language.

4-hour programme

Our East Coast Campus offers a 4-hour programme.
You may choose to enrol your child in the morning session (8.30am to 12.30pm) or afternoon session (1pm to 5pm).

A Day at NAFA Arts Preschool (East Coast Campus)
1 hour The Arts
  • Music (Keyboard & Introduction to various instruments)
  • Visual Art (2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art forms
  • Dance (Creative movement and ballet)
  • Speech and Drama (Derbyshire campus only)
2 hours Thematic Learning Integrated Activities
30 mins Outdoor Activities
30 mins Snack

East Coast Campus follows the Ministry of Education’s scheduled school terms and holidays. You may refer to our academic calendar for more details.