Academic Calendar

School Terms

School Terms for 2022
Semester 1
Term 1 Tuesday 4 January to Friday 11 March
Term 2 Monday 21 March to Friday 27 May
Semester 2
Term 3 Monday 27 June to Friday 02 September                
Term 4 Monday 12 September to Friday 18 November


Holidays for 2022
Public Holidays
New Year’s Day *Saturday 1 January
Chinese New Year Tuesday 1 February
Wednesday 2 February             
Good Friday Friday 15 April               
Labour Day **Sunday 1 May               
Hari Raya Puasa Tuesday 3 May              
Vesak Day ***Sunday 15 May
Hari Raya Haji ****Sunday 10 July
National Day Tuesday 9 August
Deepavali Monday 24 October
Christmas Day *****Sunday 25 December
Scheduled School Holidays
Youth Day Sunday 3 July (The following Monday, 4 July will be a scheduled school holiday.)
Day after National Day
Teachers’ Day
Wednesday, 10 August

Friday 2 September               
Children’s Day Friday 7 October

*Monday, 3 Jan, will be a school holiday.
**Monday, 2 May, will be a public holiday.
***Monday, 16 May, will be a public holiday.
****Monday, 11 Jul, will be a public holiday.
*****Monday, 26 Dec, will be a public holiday.